ArtReach Gallery at THEARC Highlights EOR Community

ArtReach Gallery at THEARC Highlights EOR Community

THEARC is proud to share that the following exhibitions will be on view at the ArtReach Gallery during the winter season. 

Witness to Hunger

Witness to Hunger is a groundbreaking advocacy project that features the voices and photography of parents and caregivers who are on the frontline of addressing the challenges of making ends meet on a limited budget. The photographs, along with the real stories exhibited throughout the country, offer living testimonies to the need for a real dialogue on addressing issues around hunger and poverty.
The exhibit with photographs taken by members of Witnesses to Hunger will be on display from January 14 – January 31.

Community Portrait Project

The Community Portrait Project celebrates eight remarkable people from Ward 7 and 8 through the lens of ArtReach students (ages 8-18), GW Corcoran Photojournalists and Corcoran Alumni. The artwork in this exhibition examines these individual's stories and explores the passion, energy and commitment found east of the river. Community Portrait Sitters from Ward 7 and 8: Amber Robles Gordon, Toni Ford, Violet King, Darren Harper, Fredrick Douglas, Kymone Freeman, Markus Bachelor and Xavier Brown
The exhibition will be on view in the ArtReach Gallery from February 2 - February 31.


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